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Edco is your complete online fundraising and promotional toolkit for school programs. We are built 100% from the ground up for teachers and students.

Why are schools choosing Edco?

Promote Your Activity
Spread the word and get your team noticed by your community and beyond using Edco's tailored outreach tools. Reaching your donors has never been easier!
Use our tips and templates to attract press attention and local business sponsorships to help you reach your goals.
Supercharge Your Fundraising

Keep more of the funds you raised with Edco!

Most fundraising companies charge you 40-60% of the funds you raise as their fee. 
When your team signs up and completes its fundraiser, you pay only 4% and keep 96%
of the funds you worked hard to raise!
It's YOUR money!

Keep track of your funds and get immediate access to them

Use your Dashboard to keep track of who donated, how much and when.
When you need the money, it's there for you right away.
No lengthy process. No 4-6 weeks waiting. Immediate access.

Your Official Fundraising Partner

As the official fundraising partner of EdTA, Edco is excited to partner with you
to raise the needed funds for your program.
Each year, Edco will donate 15% of its profits raised by EdTA troupes to a scholarship
program to help students attend college and pursue theater education.

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Official fundraising partner of: - 646.798.8183

Clovis North High School

Robotics Club
Raised over $5000

"Edco helped us find donors beyond our local community and gave us immediate access to funds. We were able to raise far more then expected!"
- Jonathan B,  Advisor


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